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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 24, 25th August 2019
Transported by Awe

Transported by Awe

Today Deb and Carol are joined by Karen Hutton, renowned international landscape and travel photographer, speaker, voice-over artist, teacher, athlete and story-teller.

Karen looks at her photography, art and life through the lens of "awe." She teaches her students to work in this state as well as it transports you to a divine part of yourself.

We chat about so many topics in this conversation: living in awe, cross-training in life, Karen's near-death experience and why artistic voice matters. Karen's stories and sense of humor are entertaining and inspiring. Join us!

Resources Referenced by Karen
Awe Research: Dacher Keltner, Paul Piff, Michelle "Lani" Shiota
Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness - Quing Li
The Tree - John Fowles
"Your Job is To Make Art" - Seth Godin

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