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Capital Gains Tax Solutions Using Deferred Sales Trust Strategies
Episode 12216th September 2020 • INVESTTHIS • Scott Bower
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Every investor is looking for capital gains tax solutions, but not many know of or have used the deferred sales trust strategy. What real estate investors do know is the 1031 exchange. However, that can only be used for real estate investment. You can use deferred sales trust (DST) for anything from real estate investments to stocks to cryptocurrency, even for an investment in a racehorse! But the benefits don't stop there, and guest Brett Swarts is here to get down to the nitty-gritty details of using a DST.

Brett is a capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping people defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly appreciated assets.


He created 'Capital Gains Tax Solutions 'to equip high net worth individuals with the deferred sales trust tool to solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. The first step to a great wealth plan is a flexible plan to get out of debt, purchase assets at optimal timing while having liquidity, and diversification all tax-deferred.

Brett breaks down the deferred sales trust tax strategy during today's episode by providing some real-world scenarios. He also shares his #1 wealth-building hack and the profitable future of using the DST strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The many restrictions of the 1031 exchange
  • How high net worth individuals struggle with capital gains tax, 30-50% of their gain when they go to sell. 
  • 3rd party unrelated trustee that provides a service to perfect the strategy. 
  • Filling the need to help investors with their taxes.

Commercial real estate brokers either sink or swim; they either make a big check or make nothing.

  • The blue ocean opportunity
  • The differences between a 1031 exchange and a DST: Deferred sales trust is Netflix, 1031 exchange is Blockbuster
  • The tax benefits of using a deferred sales trust strategy
  • Real-world deal breakdown of using deferred sales trust tax strategy
  • Why commercial real estate is not always a good investment 
  • Comparing the 2008 crash to COVID19 world today by examining a deal in Athens, Georgia
  • What to analyze when using a deferred sales trust
  • How a tax audit defense can be built into each deal
  • #1 Wealth Building Hack: How to get your deferred sales trust to work in your favor 
  • Examining how cost segregation allows the deferred sales trust to work as an investment instead of an expense
  • When do you pay the taxes on a DST
  • The reasons a DST isn't a viable strategy for every real estate investor  
  • Diversifying your portfolio with multiple syndicators using DST
  • The bright future of DST

$17 - $20 trillion of wealth will transfer from baby boomers to the millennials in the next 20 years, the most massive wealth transfer in history. 

  • How a commercial real estate syndicator can grow their business

Brett's Book Recommendation

The Seasons of Life (Jim Rohn)

Contact Brett:

Capital Gains Tax Solutions (for owners of highly appreciated assets) 

Expert Tax Secrets (for business professionals) + FREE eBook!

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