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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower 14th February 2019
INVESTTHIS EP 52: Innovations in Digital Marketing Lead Generation
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INVESTTHIS EP 52: Innovations in Digital Marketing Lead Generation

In a recent Forbes article, it was stated “Nearly every investor has experienced the frustration of dealing with third-party/online leads. While they are an incredible source of business, there’s no denying that online lead generation is out of control.” On today’s episode, we are going to show you how you can control your lead generation through technology.

Greg Bilbro is the Co-Founder of GeoFlip. He and his partner have built a proven model that includes everything a real estate investor needs for their online marketing to be successful. With nearly 15 years of experience in real estate investing, he has expertise in many facets of real estate investing. These include fix and flip, wholesale, retail, financing, and creatively structured deals.

Every time I talk with Greg, I’m inspired, and today’s show is no different. We discuss the importance of making decisions based on data and not your gut. Greg provides actionable insights on how to make digital marketing work for better deals. Most noteworthy, he goes into detail on how to get the attention of motivated sellers. And his innovations that make PPC work for a better ROI are incredible. In contrast, Greg is a hard-working visionary and explains the decline of direct mail and how to ramp-up other options before it’s no longer useful. Something that truly caught my attention is GeoFlips innovative Golden Ratio technique. This system is providing his clients with amazing close rates.

Tip of the Day:

If you have a problem, stay focused on it and use continuous self-education to solve it -Greg Bilbro

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