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Running Inspirational News – December 6, 2021
Episode 706th December 2021 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners, How are you? We are now in December, the final stretch of 2021, and smack dab in the heart of the holiday season. And this is the time of the year where we may eat a little more than usual. So running is more important to burn those calories. Right?  Since it is December, there's probably some Jingle Bell run close to you. Sign up for one to keep a goalStaying motivated this time of the year can be rough with the shorter days and possible winter weather where you live. Here in Denver, we've not had our first snow of the season. The temperatures have been warm, with lots of sun, and no snow. Hawaii is getting snow! Not in Denver. I'm not complaining. I like running in the cooler temps but am not a fan of snow. Please keep it in the mountains! I feature three stories that I know you will enjoy in this episode. First is an article about the high expectations of athletes to perform at the expense of their health. This article was written by famed runner Molly Huddle. The second is about Mike Kasamoto, who has a goal to run marathons into his 90's, And, finally, Jeff Kaplan, not expected to live due to a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car while out running. Enjoy this episode. If you know someone with a unique running story, please feel free to share it with me. You can Email it to me at Thank you for listening to the Feel Good Running Podcast! If you like it, please consider sharing this podcast with your running friends and on your social media platforms. I would very much appreciate it, and it will help the show grow. Keep the holiday spirit, everyone! And remember, especially during the holidays, to be kind to others, even if some are not kind to you. It's good for the heart, mind, and soul. Peace everyone! ~ Jim   Show Timestamps [00:30] - Host Jim Lynch [05:09] - It's Time to Stop Glamorizing the 'No Pain, No Gain' Mindset [12:05] - Mike Kasamoto [15:55] - Jeff Kaplan  [23:04] - Inspirational Running Quote Poem/Jim episode close   Show Notes It's Time to stop Glamorizing the 'No Pain No Gain' Mindset - Runners World Article written by Molly Huddle Mike Kasamoto - Khon 2 Oahu  - Video Story by Kristine Uyeno Jeff Kaplan - Almost died training for the NYC Marathon - Runners World Article by Cindy Kuzma - Running for attention by Jeff Kaplan - NRYY Team for Kids   Inspirational Running Quote Poem Poem by Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Jeff Kaplan 5 seconds, I look, 15 miles in the rear 5 seconds, I'm heading home, this training's sincere 5 seconds, I'm in a crosswalk, I'm in the clear 5 seconds, I see my apartment complex, my home is near 5 seconds, 27 years 5 seconds, the Jeff I once was disappears 5 seconds, My blood and my tears 5 seconds, A new life, unknown fear      5 seconds   Communicate Listener feedback is essential to Feel Good Running. Is there a guest you would like us to feature? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the podcast? Whatever it is, we would like to hear from YOU! Send a personal email to host at   Subscribe Get on our email list for the Feel Good Running Newsletter. You will receive a gift of 101+ Running-Related Links. All the necessary running links you will need right at your fingertips: Apparel, Podcasts, Training Programs, Publications, and more! Get on the list today! Click Here!   Share "Feel Good Running" Podcast Again, I want to thank you for listening to my podcast! You can help out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcast, And please share the Feel Good Running Podcast with your friends and on your social media platforms. It would mean the world to me and help the show to grow!