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The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life - The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life 11th December 2017
Healing Deep Traumas and Discovering Your Big Lie with Jordan Axani
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Healing Deep Traumas and Discovering Your Big Lie with Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani is a marketing strategist focused on digital authenticity and well-being.

He was once the focus of the most viral, human interest story in the history of the internet. More on that in a bit.

Jordan is currently a writer and key note speaker addressing marketing strategy and personal development.

On today’s show we’ll be talking with Jordan discussing the challenges he suffered with bullying growing up which ultimately led to the development of his current work.

We’ll also discuss the darkest times of Jordan’s entrepreneurial journey and the steps he has taken to climb back on top.

He now works on a project called What’s Your Big Lie, helping people open up about their fears and problems.

Jordan’s story is unique, surprising and inspiring and is definitely one you need to hear!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jordan’s troubles with bullying from an early age.
  • The long-term affects of this pattern of abuse
  • Jordan’s feelings looking back at the younger version of himself.
  • Relationships and Jordan’s general attitude as an adult.
  • Career mindedness in the wake of trust issue.
  • The break-up that led to a viral internet story.
  • What is was like to be an overnight internet celebrity by accident.
  • Jordan’s most shameful moment and the deep hurt he caused.
  • How a long path of self-destruction and pain led a new beginning
  • Working on What’s Your Biggest Lie as a means to self-love
  • And much more!









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