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The Best Male Players to Walk
14th November 2022 • Tennis: Beyond the Court • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Show Name:  Tennis Beyond The Court

You are listening to Tennis Beyond The Court, the podcast with your host Bradley Deeds.

In this episode of Tennis Beyond The Court  the Podcast we discuss: Historic Matches,The best players to play the game and some epic matches.

Segment 1: History

Tennis Began: in 1873 with its creator Walter Clopton Wingfield

  • Who - Major Walter Clopton Wingfield
  • What - In England with a bunch of rich mates who lived on the east side of Britain and who had lots of land in their backyards. 
  • Where - The East side of Great Britain and originated into all of Britain and then to America as the years went on 
  • When - Tennis began in 1873 and ever since then, it has reached the top 5 most popular sports of all time. 
  • How - Major Walter Clopton Wingfield has come up with the idea of tennis since racquetball became a hit and Walter wanted more space to hit the ball and a sport that could also be plate outside and inside whenever you pleased. 

Segment 2:  Deep Dive in top 5 tennis players of all time

Top 5 Male Players of All Time:

  1. Roger Federer - his world class attitude and behavior has sparked the tennis world and he is by far the most sportsman player to play the game. His world class talent that God has given him has made him win 19 grand slams and 98 titles total throughout his career. 
  2. Rafael Nadal - The best lefty to ever walk the earth. His sportsmanship and dignity has made him also the most likable player to play the game. The biggest thing that is known about Rafa is his lefty forehand and his work ethic. He was born a righty but has become the best lefty tennis player to ever play. 
  3. Novak Djockovic - His righty serve and sharp backhand have made him the world number one currently and the best Serbian tennis player to ever exist. He may not be the most liked, but his cocky attitude has made him earn 20 Grand Slam titles to his name and is one of the best flexible players to ever exist. 
  4. Pete Sampras - His signature shot known as the Pete Smash has made him one of the most known tennis players of all time. His serve and volley technique is one of a kind and he will forever be known as the rock Sampras and the most humble man in the early 2000’s. 
  5. Andre Aggassi - The most solid player on both forehand and backhand has made this man earn 18 grand slam titles to his name and he will always be known as the assassin Agassi. His work ethic and his dad pushing him since he was 12 has taught him how to be the most mentally tough player since his early childhood. 

Segment 3:  Epic Matches

Pick 1 Epic Match: Federrer vs Nadal 

  • Who: Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal
  • What  - Wimbledon Championships final, 2008
  • Where - The Wimbledon Club in London
  • When - March 16 2008
  • How - Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer both advanced to the final of the 2008 Wimbledon Final and it was a 5 hour match that will never be forgotten. 

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