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EP 37 | Overcoming Fear and Creating Opportunity In Person and Online with Darren McLellan
Episode 371st February 2024 • The 360 Experience • Tim Braheem
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Tim Braheem Interviews Darren McLellan

Darren McLellan has been a mortgage originator, and leader in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of originators in the US. His experience has been greatly impactful in helping him and his team migrate through the choppy waters of this last down cycle in the mortgage industry.

You Will Learn:

1. The importance of leaning into fear

2. Why creating content is so critical in today's marketing strategies

3. How to overcome your fear of being active on social media

4. How Darren has managed to fill a room with Realtors

5. Why working on yourself as a human is a power tool in connecting with clients

Who is Darren McLellan?

As a Partner, VP and Loan Officer with Back Bay Funding, Darren has consistently ranked as a top originator at the firm and a top 1% originator within the country. Darren McLellan is passionate about helping clients get what they want, whether it is a dream home or a lower payment on their mortgage.

Darren established his reputation early as an originator that could complete some of the most difficult transactions in the marketplace. Coming off some of the most difficult times in the history of the mortgage market, Darren decided it was time to expand his practice and hired his first team member. The business began to transform as Darren's team could provide a higher level of service than his competitors which allowed Darren to become one of the most trusted and respected lenders in the marketplace.

Since 2011, Darren has worked to expand his relationships in the real estate and professional services industry to be able to add value to a broader audience. Most recently, Darren has become obsessed with delivering an exceptional client experience from the time of engagement to years after the transaction has closed.

The driving force for Darren's motivation to succeed in the mortgage business is his dedication to his wife, Tracy, and their two children.

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