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S2:E2 - A life not limited by Crohn's Disease.
Episode 212th April 2022 • WaveTalks: Fitness for Humans! • 3Wave Fitness & K Borsuk, D Walkden, J Walesch
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Today our interview is with Luca. Someone who at the height of their university basketball career was hit with a serious diagnosis after she experienced severe pains in her abdomen.  To add insult to injury, the medical establishment first dismissed her in some shocking ways before caring professionals stepped in to find out what was causing her debilitating pain.

Though the basketball career and the potential for a career in law enforcement was derailed, she has still gone on to complete her studies and has become both an advocate for Crohn's and a social worker that focuses on at-risk youth. 

She's going to take us on this adventure through her ordeal and we'll then discuss the realities of living with Crohn's (she's so good at de-stigmatizing the more sensitive parts of the subject!) 

Also we'll talk about her passion for cooking, how it's been both therapeutic and cathartic, and how you can get in on some of her amazing recipes!