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Creating Responsible Companies Podcast - Destination Better EPISODE 9, 2nd March 2020
009 – Company Purpose and CSR: A Perfect Match
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009 – Company Purpose and CSR: A Perfect Match




Episode Summary

In this episode, we review the Accenture Report, To Affinity and Beyond, from Me to We: The Rise of the Purpose Led Brand, a study that outlines how consumers are no longer looking at companies just as “companies”, but as brands, and brands they are a part of.





Topics Covered

At 3:07, 62% of customers want companies to take a stand on current and broadly relevant issues like sustainability, transparency, and fair EE practices.

At 4:19, Who does your brand really belong to? A brand no longer belongs to just the company; it belongs to the community.

At 6:30, What is Purpose? How does it align with a company’s CSR or sustainability strategy?

At 7:32, Don’t overlook the intangible components of a brand’s essence such as culture, transparency, and ethical values

At 8:15, Purpose and customer relationships 

At 9:16, It’s data time! Listen as we talk through the percent of respondents who:

  • Appreciate brands that stand up for societal and cultural issues they believe in
  • Act upon and support causes they have in common with a company
  • Prefer a company who is transparent 
  • Want to know employees are being treated well
  • Believe in reducing plastics and improving the environment

At 13:00, Accenture’s advice on how to take action using the report results (with examples from Janet and Barbra!)

1. Be Human 

2. Be Clear and Authentic 

3. Being Creative 

Free Resource

Click here to download our free resource tool from Episode 5: Better Company – CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps

1. Discover: your environmental and social impacts

2. Prioritize: risks and opportunities for each

3. Implement: a strategy aligned to business value