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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 32, 23rd October 2020
How to write a product description that sells
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How to write a product description that sells


These tips apply to anywhere you’d sell your product online. Amazon product listings are slightly different and I talk about those separately, towards the end.

Know who your customer is

Hopefully by now you’ve done a lot of research and you have a really clear idea of who you’re writing your product description for.

Jot down the problems or concerns your customer has and how your product will help with this. How will it improve their life?

Talk about the benefits - not the features

It’s easy to fall into the trap of listing out all the things your product has and does - but if you know who your customer is, and how your product can help them, it’s much easier to talk about the benefits.  

This is much more compelling for a customer, as you’re telling them how purchasing this product will improve their life in some way.

Share a bit of yourself

If you’ve created your own product and it means something to you, then tell people that. Whether it’s ‘I saw this gap in the market’ or ‘I had this problem and came up with this solution’ people want to hear your story. Make sure you include it.

Tell a story

If you don’t feel there’s a story behind you and your product, then tell a story about an aspect of your product. Maybe it has an unusual ingredient or component. What is it that makes it special?

Include relevant keywords (but make sure this makes sense)

If you want your product to be found, it’s a good idea to include relevant keywords. These might vary across the marketplaces you list your product on and I suggest slightly tweaking your product description for each.

The main thing to remember is that when you use them in your listing, you ensure you’re not just ‘keyword stuffing’ and that what you’re writing actually makes sense!

Get some great photos

Well-written, informative text is really important. You also need some great images to go with it! 

If you have some budget, graphics are also a great way to highlight aspects of your product.

How do you actually write it?

If you’re unsure of how to start, I’d suggest a good structure is:

  • A title (containing your keywords)
  • One paragraph of text giving an overview of the product and what it is / who it’s for
  • 3-5 bullet points outlining the benefits

Obviously you don’t want to make bold claims that might not be true, or write anything misleading - but remember the goal of your product listing is to sell your product.


Read through your listing and, as well as checking for typos and spelling mistakes, check that it sounds natural and conversational.  

Get some help if you need it

If this still feels like way too much I’m here to help. I offer a product description writing service, or I can edit a description you’ve already written.  

Amazon product listings

 I actually write all my product listings with Amazon in mind, then tweak them for the other marketplaces I sell on.

How these differ from listing in other marketplaces, is there are lots of rules you have to follow around the words you can can’t use / the numbers of characters you can use / field you have to complete and how your images have to look.

I have a detailed blog post on this, plus a FREE Amazon product listing checklist.

There are a few things you need to do to create an optimised listing:

  • The first is to do your research, which we’ve already covered.
  • You might want to do some more specific Amazon keyword research.
  • Complete your back-end search terms field
  • Make sure your title has the right keywords
  • Format your description properly



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