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Becoming Fearless – David Stone pt 2
Episode 76030th June 2020 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Becoming Fearless – David Stone pt 2

As many of you are very well aware, especially at the time of this recording with the Covid-19 debacle going on, fear is a very real thing in the life of many people. Unfortunately, it is not very healthy if someone is totally consumed by worry and fear over their health, the health of their loved ones or money, work, jobs and a myriad of different things going on right now.

My guest today is David Stone, co-founder of “” and author of the book “Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt Out of the Myth That Worry Is Required and Take Charge of Your Own Life Now.”

David got fed up with the fear, the anxiety and the self-doubt that was getting in the way of life. So he set out to find a better way. Now, he helps others by sharing what he has learned through books, workshops, keynote speeches and on his blog. He is a provocative, inspiring and disruptive writer, speaker and change agent. He makes hard topics accessible and helps people enjoy the expansion of their comfort zones. David has a saying that I just love, it is “Your parachute can’t open until you’ve jumped out of the plane!” I love that…

What are some of the first steps we need to take to “opt out” of anxiety?

  1. Take responsibility for everything going on in our life.
  2. Raise our awareness.
  3. Develop better habits. (gratitude, replace with purpose, instant action).

Tell us about your book, “Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt Out of the Myth That Worry is Required and Take Charge of Your Own Life Now” – that contains a lot of the things we have talked about today, correct?

How does your book help us to replace those bad habits with better ones?

What is the number one things someone will take away after reading your book?

Let’s talk for a minute about your website, – you have coaching programs available on their as well, correct?

I know the speaking functions have slowed a bit due to this virus. I had several cancelled or postponed as well. But when things do open up, you are available to come out speak to groups and conferences, etc?

Where can someone get a copy of your book? Is it available on Amazon?

David, I appreciate your time in coming on and talking with us today. You obviously have a heart for helping people and I do appreciate you sharing this important information with our listeners. If someone wanted to ask you a question or get more information, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

Folks, if there is one thing that should be plainly visible in what we, the United States – and the whole world for that matter – is experiencing right now, is an increase in anxiety. David Stone, his training programs, his website and his book all have one purpose, to replace that anxiety and self-doubt with confidence and self-esteem to you can take care of all those life challenges that need to be dealt with on a daily basis.

I want to encourage you to go down into the show notes and do three things. First, you have to get a copy of David’s book, “Unsubscribe from Anxiety!” That’s a given. You need to get this book. In fact, be a blessing to someone else. Someone you know is having a hard time dealing with this shutdown. But two or even three books and sow them into other people’s life! They will thank you for it! Amen!

Next, you need to go to David’s website and take a look around. Since you may have a little more free time on your hands right now, sign up for an online course. Start to take control back and get your life back to some semblance of order. David and his team have the experience and the ability to do that all online right now! So go to and take a look around.

Lastly, get in touch with David himself! If you have a question, ASK!




Book: “Unsubscribe from Anxiety” – on Amazon