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The Horrors of the Holidays are Upon Us! (With Jonny Bloozit)
Episode 830th November 2021 • The Fittest Fat Kid You Know • Bruce Nachsin
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Tis the season to eat yourself into a food coma while trying to safely arrive back home from the festive family free for all that is Thanks giving dinner

This week the Fittest Fat Kid got a little bit fatter and a lot more sluggish after breaking the fitness faith and trying to go bite for bite with friends who have both greater stomach capacity and higher metabolisms.  He is joined once again by Jonny Bloozit who has come to take Bruce's next day dietary confession and maybe absolve him of his culinary crimes.

Jonny is also here to drop some knowledge about how to get yourself a good prison workout, all without having to stand before a judge. All this and a few side dishes more on this week's episode.

Jon's newest art book Creatures of the Dying World is now on sale in both Physical form & as a PDF 

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