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[SGC-26] Content Repurposing: Unlock Your Inner Happy Healthy Hustler With Guest, Christiane Schroeter
Episode 2614th June 2023 • She's Got Content • Melissa Brown, MD
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How can content creation be like creating a big pot of homemade tomato sauce?

In this episode of the She's Got Content podcast, my guest, Health Coach, Fitness Instructor, and College Professor Christiane Schroeter, explains the similarities between making a big batch of homemade tomato sauce and high-quality content pieces.

Christiane discovered she had plenty of perfectly good content in the wrong social media platform where it wasn't being utilized effectively. So she created a system to showcase this great content in audio, video, and text formats and send it all out into the world to do its work.

Discover how Christiane grew her audience reach and her health coaching business with this strategy. With plenty of actionable tips and inspiration, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to up their content game.

Don’t Miss Inside This Episode:

  • Learn how to create a high-quality piece of content, then repurpose it across multiple platforms to increase traffic to your website and build engagement with your audience.
  • Discover how AI tools such as Chat GBT can assist you in creating content for your email newsletter and social media platforms.
  • Gain valuable insights into how a small business entrepreneur can find flexibility and adjust course to create a more efficient and successful content marketing strategy.
  • Unlock the secrets of creating engaging and high-quality visual content for Instagram, along with tips on how to use this content to start and grow a podcast that brings more value to your listeners.

Links and products mentioned in today's episode:

"Content Repurposing: Unlock Your Inner Happy Healthy Hustler" Christiane's free guide to her content repurposing strategy so you can become a happy, healthy hustler, too.

About Christiane Schroeter

Are you ready for your daily dose of positivity?

Christiane from Hello Happy Nest empowers you to start your happy healthy hustle and kickstart your Journey to Wellness! As a Food & Health Coach, she has transformed the lives of thousands of students! With her doctorate in Health Economics, her publications on food labeling & obesity, and her expertise as a fitness instructor, she has a wide area of experience.

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About Your Host

Melissa Brown, MD - Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Podcast Host.

After leaving medical practice in 2009, Melissa discovered the online world and never looked back! After coach certification, she began a healthy lifestyle coaching practice online and quickly fell in love with blogging, writing, and content marketing.

Melissa believes that coaches have the power to change the world. Unfortunately, too many coaches get discouraged by the amount of content they need to create for marketing their business and this can lead to overwhelm and giving up on their dreams. There's such a ripple effect when a dream dies, so Melissa is on a mission to help coaches and solopreneurs overcome the overwhelm when it comes to content creation so they keep those dreams alive.

Your content can impact massive amounts of people and positively change the world. You've got content in there inside you; let's get it out into the world.

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