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Knowing of Success vs. Being Successful
9th December 2015 • The Growth Vault Podcast •
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Today’s guest is Keith Kalfas. Keith is driven, focused, and successful, but it hasn’t always been easy. From humble beginnings, Keith learned the value of hard work and independence. An avid reader, Keith consumed business knowledge and became inspired to start his own business.

When Keith began his landscaping and window cleaning business, Kalfas Services, it was tough. Keith came to a place where his business was broke, and rather than give up, Keith got up. Within 60 months his business was making six figures. Keith credits his success to having a sound business plan and executing it.

In today’s conversation we discuss:

  • Knowing the difference between knowing about success and achieving success.
  • Working smarter not harder.
  • Creating and executing business plans.
  • Becoming a “do-er” instead of a serial learner.

Keith also has a YouTube channel to help inspire entrepreneurs who are going through the same struggles that he has encountered. Keith’s YouTube channel has upwards of 14 thousand subscribers. Click here to check it out.

If you are looking for advice in the landscaping business read Keith’s book! Visit his webpage to order it now.

And you can a lot from his online training course. Find out here.

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