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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 16, 23rd June 2019
Unleash Your Inner Rock Star & Crush Self-Doubt

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star & Crush Self-Doubt

In this episode, Carol and Deb welcome Megan Jo Wilson. Megan Jo is a singer, an author, and a life coach. In her most recent venture, Rock Star Camp, Megan Jo helps women find their voice and step into their power. It is a life-changing program attracting women from all over the globe. Through this unique program, women are learning how to crush their self doubt. Megan Jo recently started a Rock Star Camp for men as well.

Join Carol and Deb as they talk with Megan Jo about her beginnings as a cook and farmer by day and musician at night; until one day her brother introduced her to life coaching. Megan Jo had what she refers to as a "spiritual download," where she knew coaching was her life path. Rock Star camp was born out of this desire to help people reclaim their power.

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