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Mica Fish ~ Pro Snowboarder Breaks Both Ankles and Turns to Yoga
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Mica Fish ~ Pro Snowboarder Breaks Both Ankles and Turns to Yoga

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"I need a break" said our said our guest Mica right before a practice jump for a competition. When she lands she breaks both her ankles and her professional snowboarding career is essentially over. Now what?

Mica was nearly sunk practicing on that fateful day for a big air snowboarding competition. She was a professional freestyle snowboarder champion competing and winning multiple competitions. In 1997 Mica was the USASA Freestyle Snowboarding Champion as well as winning a number of other competitions and competing in the X Games. What's next?

One day eating lunch she saw an advertisement for a yoga studio on the back of a weekly newspaper that said "Make Your Body Smile." Mica thought "what the hell is this?" Shortly thereafter she walks into a very hot yoga class.

For years, Mica had a dedicated yoga practice of 3-5 classes a week. Yet she twice had self admitted temper tantrums and quit for a few months at a time. But she knew she had to keep going back. Mica says she now loves yoga and cannot imagine life without it. It has seen her through all the up and downs of all her many physical, emotional, and spiritual injuries.

Three times Mica tried to go to teacher training. It was a big challenge for her to rearrange life's trajectory to do something that seemed so out of the normal. In 2008 she finally made it to Bikram's Teacher training in Acapulco, Mexico. Mica kept falling down a lot!

For about four years Mica taught as much as she absolutely could, where ever she could. She literally jokes it was like standing in front of a room full of people in your underwear!

In 2012 Mica began searching for a location near her that she could open her own studio. Opening a studio was a huge challenge. Then in May 2012 she opened Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell.

The studio has been going strong ever since and continues to grow and expand, which she believes is a condition of the yoga! Now with four types of Yoga and Pilates offered, BYHD is the premier place for people to come for transformation, healing and community.


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Mica's Links & Resources

Website: Bikram Yoga Hazeldell http://bikramyogahazeldell.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bikramyogahazeldell1