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Episode 290 – Inner Circle Chat (GOLD) With Nicholas Bayerle
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Episode 290 – Inner Circle Chat (GOLD) With Nicholas Bayerle

Episode 290 – Inner Circle Chat (GOLD) With Nicholas Bayerle

Today, we have another tremendous interview from the inner circle!  

Nicholas is building a massive movement of men called the Billion Dollar Brotherhood!

Here’s a little backstory!

Nick has always believed that life breaks down into health, wealth and relationships.

He discovered all of these things by failing. His father who was his mentor, had him racing bicycles as the youngest kid ever, Nick was only 2!

The best people to learn from are people that have failed over and over again, but then had success.  They can relate to us not being a unicorn. – Nicholas Bayerle

Nick was so depressed he wrote his first suicide letter at 7.
At 13 he decided he wanted to race motocross professionally, to have his father accept him.

Then his dad crushed his dreams and told him he’d never be the best…

Nicks life took a turn for the worst He was failing every single area and category of a man’s life.
His life was over at 17.

The way you invest in yourself and treat yourself is a direct reflection of how others will view you. – Nicholas Bayerle

Then, he changed his mindset and gaining his vision back.
He started investing in himself as his number one asset.

Nick’s life was turning around, he met his wife, got married and life was good.
He had health, relationships, and happiness.

Without human investment, there is no appreciation. – Nicolas Bayerle

Then he found his true calling.

Interested in hearing more? Listen in to this 45-minute episode! It could change the outlook of your life.

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