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Jack is Reunited with Heller and Audrey [Season 9, Episodes 5-8]
Episode 1203rd May 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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Key plot:

Jack reunites with Heller and Audrey

  • An arrested Jack is taken to Heller and asks to go back into the field to help stop Margot
  • While there Audrey goes to see him and they have a heart-to-heart
  • CIA follow a lead on Margot’s video demands which Naveed planted, but it’s a trap and the CIA team are ambushed by an explosive

Undercover with Rask

  • Heller agrees to let Jack go undercover and see Karl Rask, an arms dealer Jack has been working for to sabotage his operations, and he’s also a contact of Margot
  • The play: Jack killed Nils, another of Rask’s men, for being a CIA contact and has captured Kate, who was Nils’ contact. Jack needs Rask to complete a bank login so Chloe can access his system
  • Kate opts to inject herself with a drug to knock her out, shocking Jack
  • Prime Minister Davies tracks Jack’s operation after hearing of Heller’s condition and sends in MI5, who interrupt the mission
  • Jack manages to get Chloe access and Kate survives her torturee

Simone betrays Margot

  • Naveed is killed after trying to lead the CIA to their location, in front of Simone
  • Naveed’s sister has heard of plans to leave London and Simone is sent to find out what she and her daughter know, which is nothing, but is told to kill them anyway
  • She tries warning them but accidentally stabs Farah and while chasing Yasmin is hit by a bus
  • Jack questions her as Margot sends a drone to kill her, which they narrowly escape

Heller sacrifices himself

  • Heller offers Margot a trade: give himself up for the destruction of the drones
  • He reveals to Jack his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and enlists him and Mark to help make the exchange go through
  • Jack gets Heller to Wembley Stadium where he’s asked to go, and Margot fires a missile at him
  • But actually Chloe cloned the feed with Heller in the middle of the pitch and Jack saved Heller - she told him she didn’t know if it would work 

Jordan uncovers the truth

  • Jordan finds that files related to Adam Morgan were deleted but Navarro tells him not to pursue it until after the crisis has passed
  • He doesn’t give in and so Navarro, who framed Adam, on the direction of Adrian Cross, has Jordan go to what he says is a dead-drop that will help lead to Margot
  • It’s actually a set-up for an assassination, which Jordan initially survives
  • He figures out Navarro sent the hitter but having gained the upper hand, is stabbed and dies