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The Kundalini Chronicles - Scott Bryant-Comstock EPISODE 37, 7th April 2021
Kundalini Chronicles – The Waves of Knowing
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Kundalini Chronicles – The Waves of Knowing

In this episode, Scott delves into the concept of the waves of knowing, like being in the ocean and being part of the waves, feeling the rhythmic tug and flow of being at one, and then not being at one and wondering if you still can be at one, symbolizing our ongoing quest for knowing and the dance that happens–The dance of settling in and being at one with yourself and letting everything flow and go. And then the other part of the dance where you tend to get pulled out and go into doubt, fear, questioning, and other negative thoughts that often get in your way from being at one with yourself.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the waves of negative thoughts that often get in your way of being at one with yourself.  
  • Determine the circumstances where those negative thoughts come up in your mind.
  • Helpful tips on how you can develop awareness in dealing with negative thoughts so you can begin to let them go.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“I tend to make it hard. I wonder if you tend to make it hard as well. But that's okay. The journey is a fun one. As long as we keep looking, that's what counts. ” - Scott Bryant-Comstock

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Poem for the episode - The Waves of Knowing

Waves of Knowing

By Scott Bryant-Comstock 

Waves of knowing 

Rhythmic powerful transcendent waves 

Waves of knowing engulf me with the inevitable power of surrender 

Waves of knowing

Lifting me, floating me, moving me, 


Surrender to the waves of knowing 

Waves of knowing

Greet me and leave me,

Embrace me, and abandon me

Waves of knowing flood my being 

Waves of knowing are fleeting in their greeting,

all consuming in their embrace,

leaving me longing in their retreating 

Embracing, retreating,

flooding, receding

Waves of knowing

I am glowing with the knowing 

I am fearful of the not knowing

Waves of knowing,

they come and they go,

they darken, they glow,

they are waves,

waves of knowing 

Crashing over me,

around me,

through me, 

these waves of knowing, 

Tantalizing me,

 touching me,

 drowning me,

metamorphosizing me,

through their knowing

Leaving me,

retreating through me,

but always returning 

These waves of knowing 

Reminding me that they are in charge,

They are constant

I am temporary

They are knowing

I am seeking

They are knowing

I am doubting

These waves of knowing with their incessant glowing,

coursing through me with a rhythmic flowing,

that remind me that I am one with knowing

Is it okay to know? 

Is it okay to glow?

Is it okay to let go? 

And embrace the waves of knowing? 

To be at one with the flowing? 

To not advance, to not retreat? 

To be as one with the waves of knowing? 

to be at peace with the oneness of the wave? 

To feel the release of doubt, of fear? 

To be complete?

I am the wave, the wave is me. 

I am the universe.

I am free