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PTP:044.Burn Up or Build Up
5th June 2019 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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PTP:044.Burn Up or Build Up

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pathway to a promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller,

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Episode Number 44. Burn up or build up.

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Hi, this is Dr. Author of the immutable laws, which is a blueprint for living your meaningful life. Dr. Brad Miller gives you a blueprint for achieving your promise life of peace, prosperity and purpose. Right here

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you are on the pathway to promise with Dr. Brad Miller. Brad

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believes every person has a god given promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose, and that you must have a plan and a guide to get there. The pathway to promise podcast Not only is your guide through the wilderness of depression and disappointment that stand between you and your promise life, but also brings you insights and direction from inspiring successful thought leaders who have transformed their lives. Welcome to the pathway to promise now here's Brad

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Hello again, good people. And welcome to episode number 44 of the pathway to promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller, where we are all about helping you to overcome adversity in your life, to achieve your promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. We do that by telling great stories. And by sharing interviews with people who have expertise and helping you overcome adversity, that could be things like a divorce or overcoming the death of a loved one or some terrible disease, or injury or illness, or something that has got you depressed, maybe you're in debt. And today we're going to be talking in just a minute or so. But a great story about someone who overcome incredible injury with the help of some other folks. We'll get into that just a minute. That was you to know that this episode of the pathway to promise podcast is brought to you by the upcoming book the promise given life for coming out later.

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This year you can head on over to our website pathway promise calm, and you can get on our list to get more information about that book which is coming up coming out sometime this this fall. So we can go there pathway

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a few years ago

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a little boy,

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six years old,

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was in a terrible, terrible house fire

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and his body was burned

Unknown Speaker 2:35
over 60% of his body.

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His condition

Unknown Speaker 2:45
was critical.

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It was one overheating this needed special care and special services of hospitals that were specialized in burn victims.

Unknown Speaker 2:59

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hospital he went to originally the doctors and staff there didn't think he would last very long and so they

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chose not to admit him.

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But his parents found their way to a hospital that had a burn unit.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
And through the heroic efforts of several people, eight people to be exact.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
He was saved, his life was saved.

Unknown Speaker 3:29
It was a people, his parents, three nurses and three doctors.

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But his life was saved not just over a course of a few days, his life was really saved over the course of 14 months.

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And this drama, these three nurses involved emerged, really, as the heroines of this drama.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
Some other nurses quit some other people who didn't want to deal with the boy. The

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Women, these three women nurses took eight hour shifts with the boy.

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And when a person is involved with a terrible burn

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the recovery process is extremely painful and involves skin grafts and operations and peeling dead and burn skin away. And it's a excruciating Lee

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difficult, certainly on the little boy but on the nurses and the staff and the parents and everybody.

Unknown Speaker 4:30
And there are many touching moments.

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It was an excruciating time of of healing and setbacks and rehabilitation and anger and upset and the little boy actually grew to really,

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really not like the three nurses.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
I mean, he was made to him everything because you know, they were in, in his mind and what was going on. He

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thought they were the cause of his intense pain.

Unknown Speaker 5:07
And you know it was hard on those nurses as you can imagine.

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His room had to be kind of like a dungeon it was just 12 by 12 feet. The The door was shut tight shades were drawn and heat had to come from a lamp which was shining on him. And they had the humidity was so high the walls drip with moisture in and it was the smell all the time

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of burnt flesh and the dressings, the the antiseptic smell of the dressings that they used on his burns.

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But the nurses stayed with him.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
They stayed with him.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
They had their, you know, their caps and gowns and gloves on everyday so they could really show him

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Their faces the little boy their faces except for their eyes.

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And they were covered up and each during each shift, they would be absolutely exhausted. I mean usually this they be come out of these situations exhausted and drenched with sweat

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and they had to assist with many difficult procedures. This went on for 14 months.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
Those three women dedicated their life to this alien boy who didn't always appreciate it.

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That one day,

Unknown Speaker 6:37
14 months after the terrible fire which burnt him

Unknown Speaker 6:43
he was finally able to get out of his bed

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and walk down the hallway of the hospital. Oh, that was a great day. That was a great day for everybody. Everybody was just jubilant. Then the three the nurses and the doctors and the patient

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And the everybody's the boy, of course, everybody was just excited to be because finally their tireless effort had paid off. And here's the thing, friends.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
The lives of all three of those nurses were so deepened by their sense of satisfaction, that they had fought off the temptation to quit many times over the 14 months. And you know what they said?

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They said, if they had to do it again, they would gladly do it again.

Unknown Speaker 7:33
They were satisfied with their work, even though their work was terribly,

Unknown Speaker 7:42
terribly grueling.

Unknown Speaker 7:46
You see, friends, these three nurses had found some very focused way to serve someone truly in need. And by so by doing that they accomplish something

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Truly significant.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
We are truly happy friends, when we do something for other especially someone who's in need,

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how thrilling it is, to make a true difference in the life of somebody.

Unknown Speaker 8:19
That's how you can be happy and choose not to burn up. But to build up.

Unknown Speaker 8:27
My hope and prayer for you, my friend is that you will not be burned up by the things in your life, by the pressures in your life to to ascend in some way in your job, or the pressures in your life to deal with some terrible circumstance. Maybe you have a disease that you're dealing with or, or difficult, difficult marriage or relationship.

Unknown Speaker 8:49
You know, we choose whether we're getting burnt up by that.

Unknown Speaker 8:52
Or we can persevere through what can be really painful times and really go on

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build up your life build up others, it's going to be tough. It's always tough. But guess what the payoff is incredible. You put in the effort you put in the perseverance you

Unknown Speaker 9:12
deal with, you know,

Unknown Speaker 9:15
the metaphor, if you will of burnt bodies and dead skin, and in in gratitude, you deal with all that.

Unknown Speaker 9:23
But the sense of satisfaction comes, when you know that you have done well

Unknown Speaker 9:30
done well.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
A phrase of the Bible says, when you have done well, you have done well good and faithful servant.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
I encourage you

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to build up yourself and build up others and to persevere.

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Here at the pathway to promise podcast we are here to be helpful to you to persevere and to overcome adversity in your life in order to achieve what we like to call the problem.

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Life of peace, prosperity and purpose. That is that place in your life where you get through the kind of a grueling journey, the place where there's lots of difficult times and you come out and other on the other side of that difficult time. And you're a place that's a good place.

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Many of you know what I'm talking about. Some of you don't. We're here to be helpful. You can always go to our website pathway promised calm, you can sign up for our email list which will help get you in to get a some information about our upcoming book.

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promise given life. And you can go there and get some information on that. Our website is pathway promised calm. My name is Dr. Brad Miller.

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Been a pastor for 40 years and involved with life transformation efforts all the way here to be helpful to you. I want to encourage you on this day to keep your promises because there's power in a promise kept

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Thanks so much for taking the pathway to promise with Dr. Brad Miller as a subscriber, you'll be a vital part of the pathway to promise community visit us on the web at halfway until next time, remember to stay on your pathway to promise

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