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Getting Stuck and Getting Unstuck
Episode 11020th March 2023 • Soul Talk with Monica Ramirez • Monica Ramirez
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In this episode of Soul Talk with the host Monica Ramirez, the Warrior of Love, she talks about our beliefs and how to overcome it, if close with a Guided Meditation.

About the Host:

Monica Ramirez/ Warrior of Love is a Transformational Belief Coach, I help support you to awaken to happiness and personal power from the struggle and confusion to feeling free, happy, and powerful.

I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (N.L.P.) I am a Certified Beyond Quantum Healer (B.Q. H.) Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Record, Psychic Channeler from the Family of the Light and my Higher Self Maia, Tarot Reader, Channel Readings, and artists.

The founder of "Path to the Heart", my signature Transformational System. I work with people coaching them one on one and in groups.


Soul Talk is every Monday at 7 Pm CT.

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ST Intro/Outro:

Welcome to Soul Talk. The podcast founded and created by Monica Ramirez, the Warrior of Love. Soul Talk was created in 2020, when a pandemic hit, and we were in lockdown, she wanted to have exciting conversations with open minded people, so they could understand different aspects of herself. And she could help others in the same way. She interviews, healers, coaches, therapists, psychics, readers, channelers, mediums, intellectuals, poets, artists, and more. She calls it soul talk, because it started as a conversation from soul to soul.

Monica Ramirez:

Hi, everyone, my name is Monica Ramirez, the Warrior of Love. I'm a transformational a belief coach, I work with people transforming their lives, in removing any single limitation so you can actually achieve what you want in life, how many of us, we have dreams that we haven't achieved, as we think we don't deserve it, or we're not worth it. Or is we have accepted so many programs, that they're actually get us a stuck, or we think we should be.

Monica Ramirez:

So what I would recommend you it is basically, to think in the things that you would like to remove and change and transform. Because there is a new year coming. And in that new year coming, it is going to bring us so much change that we already some of us, we can already feel it, and sense it and observe around us. I am one of them. I actually my life has been changing so fast, in so many ways that I've been forced to start even this new group, and start a new Facebook, get a new bed, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So I can go into drama for everything that has happened to me. But that is not gonna take me exactly anywhere. So what I do is observe what is the positive things that have that are happening right now. So like that, I can actually observe them in a different way. And I recommend you all to do exactly the same thing. So I would like to talk with you before we start a meditation. What is actually the belief, because that's where we get majority stuck, where it is, I believe, I believe it is basically a program that has been installed in in us. Since we were a kid, how many of us we we felt, were not worth it. I'm not saying that this is everybody. But the your honest, how many times you have sabotage yourself. So you don't achieve what you want. Or having that car or having that job of having that mate. And we conform to whatever is arrived to us. Because we think that's what we miss here. And we're not cannot get better. My life have changed so much since I understood. Those were programs and programs. That means being a little more about programs, like programs about like, I will never be able to be a coach, that was one of them. I thought that I was only we want to be an artist and that's how it was gonna be my life editor for 40 years almost. And as when he realized that, yes, I'm in pain disease. I'm a kid. It's not that old. But I thought that there was going to be only my life. And because aureus, our business person, like my dad or a painter like my mother, and I thought that I was never going to be able to achieve because I shared it was real me. You're an artist or you're a business person. And hey, I had to learn galleries for with that one. But at the same time, I was missing a big part of who I am and what I like to do. So how many of you have not achieved actually, or having that dream job in another continent? Because you feel used to not say just because how you're gonna live your family Yeah, and those are problems. Those are limitations, or not having that cancel man, as your husband, or your partner in crime, or the you have to or whatever limitations is you're married, you have to have kids. That's a limitation that's been living as a program. So you don't have to worry and go getting married, you don't have to have kids. You don't have to do anything that the society actually tell you, except what it is in your heart. What it is, what did you want? You want to achieve? Actually a change in your life? Start from where you want. Because when you start working with what you do want, that's can you achieve, actually, why did you really want because then you have faith that is gonna take you there. And yes, we need to get ourselves guided, because maybe our path is taking you to the right, and we go to the left. So we're not gonna get what we really want. Because the society does or to the right, not to the left, you know what I mean?


Welcome, then choosing to be part of this group, you have said yes to yourself, you've chosen to confront those limitations keeping you from achieving the life of your dreams. Monica Ramirez, Warrior of Love is a transformational belief coach. She's a psychic, Channeler certified NLP life coach, be Qh that is hypnotherapy, Akashic Records reader, public speaker, writer and artist. She works with many modalities and has created her own like this one, to help you let go of the limitations and achieve the transformation you desire. So you can anchor your emotions that you desire. Probably gonna be hosting a new session every Tuesday at 7pm, central time, leading the group through a guided meditation, then proceeding to work with people individually. So join Monica here in this free journey by joining the zoom link.

Monica Ramirez:

So let's start this meditation. So like that, we all can achieve having this magical reality. And we can live actually a magical reality in we chose to. So that is going to be completely our choice. In what do we want to live? What do we want to achieve? So I would recommend you to write it down. The best way to achieve anything that we want is to write down what do we really want. Because that is the gateway of our dream life. So let's start. And now I'm just going to mention that not all day, the people that are going to be choosing every three out of every three people to five people every week is going to be from the group, I'm going to be continuously doing this in Tuesdays, I'm going to be given a little explanation. And this is the game, this is how it is going to play the game, I'm going to be given free guided meditation for the group. And then after that, I'm going to be given a little explanation of different themes that we're going to be knowing or getting to know and, and being guided for talking about this. And today, they tell me talk about the beliefs. And then after that, we're going to be doing a guided meditation in level and data level. And then after that, I'm going to be start working, I'm going to choose from the crowd, three to five people that is completely free that economy to either going to choose one belief that they would like to change so you can be reframed, so it can be anchored at different emotion that you actually wanted to feel. So remember, this is all your choice. And in the moment you choose to do that. And the moment you choose to actually create that relief, we're going to work with that belief and like that is gonna be with different people. So let's do it. How about that Well, and let's get comfortable. You're driving again, when you're seeing this video, please stop is not going to be safe in your driving. So I don't recommend that. So get in a comfortable position.

Monica Ramirez:

And let's close our eyes. Let's take a big breath. and later. Again, let's take another big breath, take it to your stomach, hold it 7654321 unleaded out. Again, let's take another another big breath and take it to your belly. Call it 7654321 and let it out. Let's take another big breath and take it to your stomach. Hold it 7654321 And let it out. And the next breath, you're gonna take it to your chest. Hold it 7654321 And let it out. Again, let's take another big breath and take it to your heart. Oh 87654321 unleaded out. Let's take another big breath and take it to your lungs. Hold it 7654321 and lay it out. Now you imagine you take it to your head. Oh, let 7654321 and laid it out. Again, we're gonna take it to the head. Call it 765 or 321 and let it out. And the next breath, you're going to take it again to your head to the pineal gland. Hold it 7654321 We let it out.

Monica Ramirez:

Now, when our eyes close, we're gonna send our awareness to our feet. To anchor ourselves, I need your feet, you're going to imagine that our roots of a tree and they start going down down. Down down to the center of the earth. And in there, from the center of there, you're gonna find a place where you can anchor those roots where they feel safe. So they cannot move. You start feeling the energy of the earth or the center of the earth and in there in that energy, you're gonna start feeling the love the protection, the support and you're gonna see me in there, everything that were you everything that you have to do later on. sanitaire, in this moment, you're here in this meditation, this journey, cylindrical, any thoughts? And now let the energy of the center of the Earth start going up, up to those roots up up, up to your feet up up to your ankles, and your knees and your legs and now to your stomach. As into all your organs, internal organs, and external organs like your flesh, the forget your bones and your blog and your nervous system and to get to your chest Your heart as in the spaces between your organs and just relax them anymore and are now ticket to your shoulders and your arms, your elbows and your hands, your nails. And just relax them in into here and now. And now go to the back of your head around your neck. And just relax them in more and more. Now to the top of your head. And you feel lucky males in here now in you Fourcade your two eyebrows, feel how they melt into here and now in your nose, inside your nose. And just let it melt in the here and now your mouth, inside your mouth. And let it melt in the hearing now leaving off all your body relaxing, little bit more. And to counter three, you're going to be more relaxed that you are now. One you have any thoughts that they bother you right now, just put it in the cloud, you can come back later on. To take another big break to go.

Monica Ramirez:

Three were more relaxed in the here and now you are gonna call to the top of your head in your crown chakra. And you're gonna imagine that you're gonna get into an elevator. In this elevator, I want you to put any color that you want into the walls of this elevator, and makes you feel completely safe and protected. And this elevator becomes a bubble of energy. And it goes up and down. And sideways. If we weren't always going to start going up, up, up, up, up, we're gonna get to the sun. And the sun is a portal, there is a portal that goes directly to the Central Sun of the universe. And in there, in that central sun or the universe, we're gonna breathe that light and bring it down, down down down, we'd also the liberator, we'd have our body and we're going to anchor it in our heart. We're going to feel the energy of the center of the Earth coming up, up, up up and we're going to anchor it in our heart and in there we're anchoring that energy in our heart. We're going to take another big breath and we're going to go to have perfect place where we feel comfortable in nature. Look it has that a river or a sea or lake where water is running smoothly. where you feel comfortable or you feel safe. Around the perfect temperature around the perfect space around you there's some trees flowers, the water is moving and in there You're gonna start feeling that you're part of everything the flowers, they are around you the same wind that is touching your face and your hands you're gonna feel the same time your stomach You're gonna feel at ease or is calming down, calming down your legs, your feet, your hand, or they're out of this same earth, they seem dirt where you're seeing down you just become one with it we have served the water in front of us as moving slowly, but continuously moving. And in there, we're gonna feel whatever it makes you feel uncomfortable, I want you to send it to that water any thoughts that you do not deserve it or that you need something to achieve something and it go into that water into here and now or that you are in any belief that is blocking you to achieve your life dream. You're not smart enough, taught enough, junk enough et cetera let it float in that water in the here and now. And observe how it goes far, far away from you. And become part of the water. And that water becoming soluble water those emotions any emotion that you're not loving enough or support enough or that you need someone let it flow let it flow. Today you can achieve that job or buy that house or that car. And it's impossible to do it let it flow let it flow let it flow and observe how it leaves and transform into water let go any motions anything that keep you stuck and now I want you to observe your flakes where you are because they were part of the same earth where you were sitting down I want to get him on stuck and separate. Look at your feet seem as independent from the same earth where you were sitting down and you torso which is still part of it but you're not stuck. You're not grounded in this place that you have chose to be a part of everything. Because you have mobility. Mobility and you have a choice. You can change scenery as you wish to or you can stay here if you chose to. And any of those choices are yours. Because you have mobility. Even in this journey, you have the mobility To choose different so let's take another deep breath now we're going to choose what emotion you want to have, what experience life you like to achieve. Want to feel happy. You want to feel free. You want to feel strong and smart, and fast, held healthy. Whatever you choose if it's your choice choose one. And now you choose no choice did you choose that emotion or frame that freedom. Feeling that piece. Whenever gonna bring that energy to the present the freedom or whatever just chose emotion and we're going to bring it back, bring it back to your body. Feel it in your heart. Feel it in your stomach. Feel it in your spinal cord and start feeling your legs and your hands. And you can open your eyes whenever you're ready.

Monica Ramirez:

Now, okay, but I'm gonna, just a reminder, every Tuesday at 7pm Central time, I'm going to be guiding this meditations. And hopefully it can work with for free in removing limitation and anchoring the motion that you wish, every Tuesday. So sign up. The same link applies for the next week. And let's work together and let's transform our life so we can be ready for 2023 that is almost here. See you the next the next Tuesday. Bye bye. Thank you.