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45. Finding Your Natural Prayer Style with Janet McHenry
Episode 4518th June 2024 • How's All That Working For Ya? • Rachel D. Baker
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Over the years, many women have asked me how they “should” pray when talking to God. Are you afraid of praying the “wrong” way, too? In this conversation, author Janet McHenry shares her experience, insights, and scriptural knowledge about finding your natural prayer style.

Episode Highlights

  • Janet shares what “breathing room” looks and feels like for her
  • How Janet became passionate about prayer
  • Janet’s response to the question, “How should we pray?”
  • Diving into Janet’s latest book about “praying personalities” (and Rachel shares her quiz results!)
  • What’s coming next from this author who has read through the entire bible every year for the past 25 years
  • Tools and strategies Janet has found to be most helpful to manage her time and allow for some breathing room
  • Janet’s book & video recommendations

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