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EdTech Fantasy Draft: 41 EdTech Tools for the Student-Centered Classroom
25th March 2019 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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In Episode 29 of GotTechED the Podcast, Nick and Guise invite EdTech Guru Jeff Losch onto the show to participate in the first-ever EdTech Fantasy Draft.  Each person drafts 7 EdTech Tools that will be useful in their student-centered classroom!

To get the complete breakdown and descriptions of all 41 EdTech Tools Click Here!

In fantasy sports drafts, participants draft players to fill positions on a team.  For example, in a baseball fantasy draft, the managers (participants) draft Major League baseball players from any team to play each of the positions on a baseball field.  The statistics of each player contributes to each manager’s score with the goal of having the best team.

Now let’s set the parameters for the fantasy EdTech draft.  Nick, Jeff, and Guise came up with a list of 41 EdTech Tools and placed them under six categories for the draft.  The six categories included: 1) Photo/Video, 2) Gamification/Assessment, 3) Personalized Learning/Feedback, 4) Collaboration/Curation, 5) Classroom Management/Environment, and 6) Productivity/CreativityThere are 7 drafting rounds (one EdTech Tool must be selected from each of the six categories and one utility tool that can be from any of the six categories). Nick, Jeff, and Guise will be drafting under the following terms:

  1. All 3 teachers run a student-centered classroom.
  2. All 3 teachers have access to G-Suite (no extensions or add-ons included unless they are drafted).
  3. Only the drafted tech tools can be used in their classroom.
  4. The person who drafts the best collection of EdTech Tools wins.

The EdTech Fantasy Draft:

Round # Jeff Nick Guise Round #
1 –> Google Keep Loom Canva
Quizizz Edjinotess GimKit <– 2
3 –> Teachers io Talk and Comment Nimbus
Verso GIFit! Ziteboard <– 4
5 –> Click and Clean Colorzilla PenPal Schools
Imagus Play Brighter Zoom <– 6
7 –> The Fiscal Ship ClassroomQ Gooru

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