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Your Confident Self - Allegra M. Sinclair EPISODE 75, 21st January 2020
What it Means to Be An Authentic Woman
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What it Means to Be An Authentic Woman

Do you know what it means to be authentic? Whenever we hear the word authentic, we automatically associate it with a physical object being genuine and of high value, such as an authentic Romare Bearden painting or a natural diamond. The opposite of authentic is inauthentic - not real, fake, phony, insincere.

When we think about the concept of the authentic self, most women focus mainly on being truthful and honest. These are valuable attributes, but really living an authentic life involves a lot more than just telling the truth. So, the bad news is that being honest is not enough.

Today we'll look at what it means to be authentic, why we slip into being fake, and how you can make adjustments to show up as your authentic self.

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