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Album Review: Your City Gave me Asthma
Episode 1119th January 2022 • Rhapsody • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Album Review: Your City Gave me Asthma 

Today’s episode is an Album Review and will Go over the album¨Your City Gave me Asthma¨.

Segment 1: Background info 

Created by British musician Wilbur Soot. Released on June 25, 2020. The album features 7 songs, these songs feature an acoustic guitar and vocals.  

Segment 2: Songs in the album

7 songs in the album. Each song in the album has a deep meaning behind it.

Jubilee Line 

Saline Solution 

Since I saw Vienna 

Losing face 

Your Sister Was Right  

La Jolla 

Im Sorry Boris 

Segment 3:Jubilee Line

Jubilee Line is the most popular song on the album. 

Although this beginning is very dramatic, the song later gets to very serious issues. 


Wilbur Soot - Jubilee Line 

Wilbur Soot - Since I Saw Vienna 

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