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The Mix Bag Podcast - DJ MIDIMACK EPISODE 189, 7th August 2021
Aug 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 1
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Aug 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 1

"Your weekly dose of Funky House Music from Around the World." - DJ MIDIMACK

Aug 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 1 (Ep #189) Playlist:

  2. That's The Good Gruuve by Adri Block (The Netherlands)
  3. Don't Say My Name by CASSIMM (London)
  4. I'm Going Up by Alaia & Gallo (Italy)/Michelle Weeks (USA)
  5. Man Go Funk by Stefano Mango (Italy)
  6. Diva by Mendo (Switzerland)
  7. Oh Lord by Romaan (London)
  8. Give Me That Bass by CASSIMM (London)
  9. Soul Vibration by Joseph Sinatra (Italy)
  10. Can't Live Without You by David Penn (Spain)/Yass (France)
  11. Why Don't You by Sami Dee (France)
  12. Away by Daniele Mistretta (Italy)
  13. No More by Angelo Ferreri (Italy)/Gas Di Fede (USA)
  14. Another Thrill by Junior Jack (Italy)
  15. Disco Stepper by House of Prayers (?)
  16. Be Together by Carter (Australia)
  17. The Power by SRCS (Spain)
  18. Work It by Carter (Australia)
  19. Long Train Running by Bissett (Ireland)/Ben Rainey (UK) feat. TRP
  20. It's Set To Groove by Full Intention (London)
  21. Hypnotizing by Wh0 (UK)



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