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#30: From Fighting the World to Finding Soulful Purpose | Jennifer Urezzio
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#30: From Fighting the World to Finding Soulful Purpose | Jennifer Urezzio

Today’s guest is Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of Soul Language and host of the podcast, SuperPowers of the Soul.

Are you waiting for a huge “golden ticket” moment to spur you to make the changes you know you need to make in your life?

After a devastating breakup, Jennifer lost faith in herself and because she’d been so wrong about the connection she believed she had with her ex, she began to question every relationship she’d ever had. 

In this episode, Jennifer talks about the six months she spent surrendering to her suffering and shares how asking the universe to show her the lessons in her pain led to a remarkable breakthrough around love and a direct connection to her mission as the spiritual director of Soul Language.

She also shares what she learned about paying attention to the smaller ticket moments instead of waiting for the big crash to make a change. There are some great lessons in this one. Hope you enjoy!


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