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The Difference Between Good and Outstanding
3rd July 2019 • The DancePreneuring Studio • Annett Bone: Creative Strategist
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Session Summary:

Three dance companies. One good performance. Two outstanding performances. With anything, especially art, the difference between good and outstanding is subjective. This session is a summary of my experiences at three different dance performances from Ate9 Dance Company, Malpaso Dance Company and Batsheva Dance Company .  Listen to this episode to find out the one show that put at least two people to sleep (that I know of personally LOL), and which two shows that kept the audience engaged.

Links/Info from this session:

Our sponsor Fuse Movement Long Beach

Episode with Marjorie Goodson

Ate9 Dance Company

Malpaso Dance Company

Batsheva Dance Company

The Wallis


The Sweat Spot

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