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122. Abundance, Diversity & Regeneration, In Agriculture & Beyond / Andrea Abad
1st October 2023 • In Conversation with Nathalie Nahai • Nathalie Nahai
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Today on the podcast, I speak with Andrea Abad, founder of Terra Viva Ibiza - a project that seeks to create a sustainable and healthy agricultural production system, based on the principles of agroecology, syntropy and regenerative agriculture.


Having started her career in marketing for large corporations such as Apple and Exxon Mobil, after six years in the countryside, an introspective awakening pushed Andrea to leave her profession and travel to Australia, where she lived in permaculture communities while learning how humanity can reintroduce itself to the cycles of nature.


Deciding to move to Ibiza to deepen her knowledge of sustainable tourism, a sector where she had previously worked for five years, Andrea founded Terra Viva Ibiza with the objective of growing food without the use of synthetic chemicals, respecting the natural cycles and the biodiversity of the environment while providing health to the soil.


A project which also provides an educational and social dimension, Terra Viva offers training and advice to farmers interested in adopting this model, as well as spaces for participation and meeting for the community. As well as regenerating a 20-hectare plot of land using the rational grazing system of chicken, rotational grazing of sheep and agroforestry principles, with the collaboration of Albert Tur Montells (Permaculture Association of the Pitiusas), they are also planting over 12,000 trees within a syntropic design.


I first met Andrea in October 2021 on a regenerative agriculture crash course at La Junquera, a regenerative farm and village in Murcia, Southern Spain, and I was so excited and inspired by her story and the work she’s doing, that I had to invite her onto the podcast to share her experience with you. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


Recorded on 12th July 2023.




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