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THIRST For More Podcast - Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training EPISODE 7, 9th June 2020
E 07 | The Science Behind HRV And Individualized Training Responses With Justin DeBlauw
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E 07 | The Science Behind HRV And Individualized Training Responses With Justin DeBlauw

0:00 – Show Intro

4:20 – Podcast begins

5:49 – What Justin does at Kansas State University

10:52 – What is heart rate variability (HRV)?

15:00 – What is the research saying about HRV with endurance athletes?

27:05 – How Justin's practical background influenced his research and understanding of academic papers

34:27– Finding limitations of data and research

46:20 – What Justin plans to do with this Ph.D.

54:06 – Research Justin has came across regarding sports specialization

1:05:52 – Where is HRV going with strength training?

1:12:53 – Justin's recommendations for the average person doing CrossFit

1:23:44 – Is a graduate degree worth it in the exercise science related field?

1:31:36 – Field data scientists as a new career path

About Justin DeBlauw

Instagram: @theeblueguy

Justin DeBlauw is a Ph.D. candidate at Kansas State University working in the “Functional Intensity Training Laboratory” with a research focus on “Biofeedback for individualized exercise prescription”. Previously, he studied at the University of Minnesota and Purdue University, where at Minnesota volunteered as a sports performance intern. He's been an ACSM CPT since 2011 and previously competed in USA weightlifting and soccer, currently training for a Duathlon.

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