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Have a Little Insight - Jennie Leaver EPISODE 2, 18th February 2021
Sexual Complacency with Certified Sex Therapist Melinda DeSeta
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Sexual Complacency with Certified Sex Therapist Melinda DeSeta

We discussed:

What is sexual complacency? 

Why it happens and how to get out of it. 

Performance anxiety, sex toys, pornography.

It is normal to experience sexual ruts. Testosterone is the sex driver for men and women. 

Sex is very psychological and you’re sex life gets better as you get older.

Melinda DeSeta is a Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Psychotherapist who helps people fall in love with their relationship and live their best sex life!  Her career in private practice began in the heart of Brickell, and three years ago she founded Insight Counseling Center Miami.  Currently, she is in the final stage of earning her Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology. 

In promoting a healthy and spicy sex life, Melinda is brand sponsored by the leading sex toy companies in the world. To name a few: The Rabbit Company, The Body Wand, Fredricks of Hollywood, and OVO Lifestyle Toys.  You will find her videos on reviewing lifestyle products and offering her knowledge on how to choose the best toy for you. 

Her secret in private practice is staying connected with health professionals. Three years ago, she co-founded the networking group, Miami Mastermind, to educate and connect wellness professionals in private practice. 

Melinda is focused on helping people overcome common sexual and intimate challenges.

If you want to find out more about Melinda or get more tips on how to live your best sex life checkout:

Melinda’s Podcast: Melinda in Miami on Spotify and Apple Podcast 

Website: https://www.insight-miami.com/ 

Instagram : @miamisextherapist 

Youtube Channel - Melinda in Miami