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Purpose, Work and Well-being Success with Martha R.A. Fields
Episode 2323rd January 2023 • Entering The Inspiration Zone • Juliette Mayers
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In this episode, Juliette talks to Martha R.A. Fields, who is the Founder and CEO of OKI ME, LLC & Fields Associates. She is an internationally renowned consultant and author of eight books. She talks about her upbringing in Okinawa and how it has influenced her life's work. Her focus is on helping people worldwide find their purpose, work, and well-being success.

Martha talks about her experience growing up in Okinawa and how it has informed her work around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and where she learned about different cultures while growing up on an Air Force base. They discuss the importance of work-life balance and finding one's purpose in life.

Listen to Martha outline four questions that can help someone find their "ikigai" or reason for being. Learn about the importance of revisiting one's dreams, as they change over time. Discover the eight principles of healthy aging and how they can be applied to American society and find out where the locations of the "Blue Zones" are in the world.

Episode Highlights

11:37 - I feel that one of the things that makes people successful, and having that purpose, work, and well-being success, is to be able to take a failure and really learn from it. What did you learn as a result of that?


17:03 - You have to ask yourself, "What do I love to do? What am I good at doing? What does the world need that I love to do that I'm good at doing?" And then the final question that you have to ask–and when I heard what this final question was, I started laughing–but finally, how am I going to get paid to do that?


26:53 - Find what your purpose is, what your "ikigai," then dream your dream daily. Just live your dreams. Stop just dreaming.


8 Healthy Longevity Principles  

You Are What You Eat and Drink

  1. Eat 80% Between Famine & Feast (Hara Hachi Bu)
  2. Go Fish, Green, Bean & Lean

Destress from Stress 

  1. Imbibe & Unwind with Wine at 5
  2. Shake off Stress
  3. Get in the Groove & Move

LB2: Love Be Loved,& Belong 

    6. Family & Friends First

    7. Choose the Community & Company You Keep

Let YOUR Little Light Shine Higher 

    8. Find YOUR IKIGAI (Reason for Being!) Then, Live YOUR Dreams Daily


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