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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 52, 15th November 2019
EP 52 | Greatest Obstacle or Greatest Opportunity?
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EP 52 | Greatest Obstacle or Greatest Opportunity?

Greatest Obstacle or Greatest Opportunity?

I’ve got a question and it’s a big one.  When does your greatest obstacle become your greatest opportunity? 

And is it possible for your greatest opportunity to become your greatest OBSTACLE? 

Of course it is. 

As human beings we have a remarkable capacity for making easy things hard and once in a while, we make some hard things really-really easy.  … personally, I’m exceptionally good at the first one. I am GREAT – super-talented at making easy things HARD.

Seeing myself as a career problem solver, I wasn’t surprised when Richard stormed into my office. He was offended and quick to tell me about it. Donna had it in for him and this was more proof. He was sure of it. The ball was in his court. My question was simple. Do you want to resolve this issue or create support for your position? He reluctantly indicated he wanted resolution, but I knew it wasn’t why he’d come. 

Why do protracted conflicts come more easily than open conversation? Why does selfish agenda trump undiscovered potential? Is it possible the true undiscovered territory, the genuine unbridled opportunity that exists in our lives is just beyond the point where we prioritize validation, justification and pride of authorship?  

Does opportunity care that you’re right and someone else is wrong?  Trust and clarity seed opportunity and are never built on fear and duty. Head Trash demanding our own validation LOCKS UP potential before the game begins.  

What are the opportunities we’re giving up because we can’t get past the obstacle in our own heads?

When are Circumstances Lying with just enough ego magnetism that we’d rather see the barrier than get the breakthrough?  

You are the bottleneck to opportunity when you fail to realize that all meaningful growth comes through the door of your greatest obstacle.

Winning happens when we see past the challenge, past the barrier, past the anger, fear, hate and pride and pursue something that won’t happen on its own.

Dragons are not a myth. We need clarity about that which we must overcome or we never have the will to persevere to accomplish it.  

·        Broken relationships don’t heal on their own.

·        Unclear priorities don’t clarify themselves.

·        Food doesn’t get healthy because we need it to. 

·        Head-Trash doesn’t bring truth, it is asking us for the truth. 

My challenge is this. Stop waiting for circumstances to affirm you and every stoplight to turn green on your path.

Never forget that The Obstacle IS the Way. Everything you want is on the other side of a little good pain.  

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