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Driving Drunk: How it Affects YOUR Family with Martin Lockett Untapped Keg Ep 120
Episode 12024th July 2022 • Untapped Keg • Untapped Keg
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Driving Drunk: How it Affects YOUR Family with Martin Lockett Untapped Keg Ep 120


RJ Zimmerman talks with Martin Lockett, Master of Science in Psychology, substance abuse counselor, speaker, author, and formerly incarcerated. He served almost 18 years for manslaughter, caused by an accident one New Year’s eve where he drank excessively and drove through a stop light, colliding with a car carrying three people. Upon learning that the two people who died that night were volunteers in the drug and alcohol recovery community, Martin chose to honor them by dedicating his life to helping others through addiction counseling and drinking and driving prevention.


RJ and Martin have a deep conversation about drinking and driving from the honest and vulnerable perspective that YOUR OWN family are also victims when you make the terrible decision to drink and drive.


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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

4:00 Who is Martin Lockett

14:00 DUI and Family

27:00 Driving While Drunk

38:00 Devastation Caused By Drinking and Driving

47:00 Martin is 18.5 Years Sober

55:00 Martin’s Relationship With His Twin Brother

1:01:00 The Relationship and Fear That Sobriety = Boredom

1:11:00 Martin’s Message and Outro


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