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Activism Before V. After the Pandemic
Episode 315th June 2022 • HV CARE Podcast • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name:  Do You CARE?

Episode #3: Activism Before vs. After the Pandemic

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You are listening to Do You CARE? with your host(s) the HV CARE Leaders.

In this episode of Do You CARE  the Podcast we discuss: performative activism on social media, resurgence of various social justice movements, and how we can be all be better activists.

Today’s Hosts

  • Elliot Block
  • Addie Sullivan
  • Emily Eschleman 
  • Xavier Jimenez OR Regina Franco-Valverde

Segment 1: Digitalization of Advocacy and Why it Occurred 

  • Pandemic impact (general) 
  • Do you advocate via social media and if so how often?
  • Protests during summer 2020
  • Social media activism - BLM posts
  • Black screen - positives/negatives
  • Did you post a black screen? If yes, why? If not, did you post something else?
  • Definition of performative activism
  • Elliot, went to protest in person
  • Addie and Emily, did not go, but explain why or circumstances and if they had the desire to go
  • Why is social media important for the people who couldn’t go to in person events

Segment 2: How Can You Be a Better Activist? 

  • What are the kinds of things that we should be posting on social media
  • Important links, upcoming events
  • Slacktivism?
  • Posting whatever you see, posting the bare minimum (content)
  • Intent of the post and how you can’t tell if it’s well intended
  • Is social media activism required
  • Peer pressure?
  • Does not posting strip away your allyship?

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