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9: It’s Not About You
10th August 2015 • Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast • Gretchen Bridgers | Education Podcast Network
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Teaching has more to do with the students than it does the teacher. However, we often put so much emphasis on our own performance and our own to do list, we forget to affect kids and create opportunities for their growth. Tune in to hear how you can flip the script and empower students every day in your classroom!


  •  Everything you do as an educator is for the students
  • I spent so much time prepping for a lesson in terms of what I was going to say instead of figuring out what I wanted students to say.
  • It was awesome to see them grow up in a matter of seconds just because I gave them the opportunity to.
  • Its about being intentional about how you structure your class to ensure students are learning and growing as people
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