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The Content Academy Podcast: Content Creation for Online Business | Creating Raving Fans |Selling High Value Paid Content | - Paul Caffrey & Phil McGrath 22nd February 2016
Episode 007: Making Membership Site Content With Mike Morrison
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Episode 007: Making Membership Site Content With Mike Morrison

Mike Morrison from Members Site Academy was our guest on today’s podcast and while Paul was off tending to a dental emergency Phil and Mike got to the “root” of all evil, creating content for a membership site.

Mike has been in online business for over 12 years and together with his partner Calli Willows they have been leading the way when it comes to Membership Sites. Mike and Calli have been guiding clients through every stage of membership site set up, from tech to content and beyond and over the years have seen it all.


In this episode you will learn


    • Why the Language used by your audience is so important


    • Why you need to be clear with your followers about what they need to know


    • The real truth behind planning your time to create membership content


    • Why we need to stop undervaluing what we know



Pearls of wisdom from Mike


“How ever long you think it is going to take to create your content double it”


“People don’t know what they don’t know”


“They’ve got a goal they want to hit, a result they want to achieve, they came to you to aide them on that journey”


“People only keep paying money when you continue paying value”


“Your opinions, experiences, knowledge, expertise is worth something to somebody”


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Special thanks to Mike for taking the time to share his tips, strategies and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop him a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @TheMembershipGuys