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Duckin' the Usher - JAS LIVE EVENTS EPISODE 17, 4th January 2020
EP. 17 - Death To Smoochy (2002)

EP. 17 - Death To Smoochy (2002)

Happy New Year 2020!

Josh and Zak talk about "Death to Smoochy"-

Tells the story of Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), the corrupt, costumed star of a popular children's TV show, who is fired over a bribery scandal and replaced by squeaky-clean Smoochy (Edward Norton), a puffy fuscia rhinoceros. As Smoochy catapults to fame - scoring hit ratings and the affections of a network executive (Catherine Keener) - Randolph makes the unsuspecting rhino the target of his numerous outrageous attempts to exact revenge and reclaim his status as America's sweetheart.

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