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Unlocking the Divine Feminine: A Journey of Sound, Spirituality, and Radical Self-Love with Vylana Marcus
27th October 2023 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Prepare to join me on a sonic and spiritual odyssey with Vylana Marcus, a mesmerizing visionary whose work in sound alchemy and holistic healing defies categorization. From her awe-inspiring album "Goddess Rise" to her transformative ethos as a "permission slip" for human potential, Vylana is here to redefine the way we engage with art, music, and our innermost selves.

In today's episode of The Superhumanize Podcast, we delve into the alchemical blend of mysticism and melody that is Vylana Marcus. She’s not just a musician; she's a medicine woman, a sound alchemist, a Polynesian dancer, and above all, an agent of transformation. With her music acting as a resonant conduit for universal truths, Vylana orchestrates an all-encompassing journey from the ashes of pain to the liberating heights of self-love and spiritual awakening.

We'll discuss her album, "Goddess Rise," which serves as both a deeply personal autobiography and an evocative call-to-arms for the listener to awaken their divine essence. What does it mean to be a "permission slip" for others? How can embracing the full spectrum of your humanity, shadows and all, lead to unimaginable growth? We also touch on themes as potent as embracing feminine energy in a world often dismissive of it, the societal implications for women globally, and the art of sexual magik.

Join us for an episode ripe with wisdom, as we explore the transformative power of music, the necessity of community, the healing potential of embracing one's shadow, and so much more. Tune in and rise with us, as we invite you to discover your truest self, break free from societal impositions, and live in the permission of your fullest expression.

Welcome to the realm of Vylana Marcus—where sound isn't just heard, it's felt; where music isn't just a melody, it's medicine; and where art isn't just expression, it's embodiment. Welcome to a world where you are invited to be superhuman. Welcome to The Superhumanize Podcast.

In this episode with Vylana Marcus, you'll discover:

-What Vylana means when she says she's a "permission slip"...04:45

-When we share from our deepest truth, our deepest humanity from our most beautiful imperfections, that's when we can rise..17:11

- Life and work with a strong focus on the full potency of the feminine expression...19:15

-There's so many, many levels to healing...29:20

-Let go of these things instead of repressing and shaming them, to actually embracing them and celebrating them...35:50

-"I trust the person who knows their demons. I am afraid of the person who does not know their demons"....38:05

-Why degrading women is ultimately harmful for the males...41:15

-There's still a stigma to being sexual and owning your sexuality. You don't own your sexuality or you'll be punished and ostracized...57:30

-What does "being audacious" mean to you?...1:03:00

-Music as a healing modality...1:05:50

-Vylana's best personal practice...1:13:00

Resources mentioned:

Vylana's website

Fit for Service


Your Body Keeps the Score

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