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Cecil Bullard – Parts Pricing in the Age of Online Parts Sellers [FTR 089]
Episode 8916th March 2020 • For The Record • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Cecil Bullard is President of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. He is a trainer and business coach in the automotive aftermarket working closely with service professionals.

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Institute for Automotive Business Excellence website.


Talking Points:

  • Re-thinking parts margins based on pricing transparency from online parts sellers
  • He doesn’t like the strategy that we need to re-think how we
  • Consider what your parts and equipment suppliers do for you.Local availability
  • Training
  • Support of local and regional events
  • We need to dictate how we run our business not the other way aroundWe have a lot invested in our shops
  • Don’t let the online market to influence how you run your business
  • If you buy parts from an online supplier you are helping them and hurting yourself

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