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Steven Crowder vs The Daily Wire
Episode 1231st February 2023 • Use Your Words • Use Your Words
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If you are at all involved in the conservative media space, you have probably at least heard of the fight going on between Steven Crowder and The Daily Wire. Both of these are giants in the conservative space - and both have done some great things for the conservative media in general even if the current fight seems to be ugly at times. In this episode we go over some of the comments made by both sides, and talk about whom we each personally align with in this dispute between the future of what conservative media may look like in the future. While each of us land on a particular side - we do agree that in the end both sides have done some great things and if you have a subscription to each of them - you should probably keep it - except don't listen to Matt Walsh - he doesn't like dogs because he doesn't understand them.

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