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Invisible Truths - Ben Tapper EPISODE 12, 15th June 2020
Episode 35: Community Healing
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Episode 35: Community Healing

Raeanne Madision is a Crane Clan citizen of the Ojibwe nation, and also carries Mexika and Dutch ancestry. She is a natural teacher and practicing postpartum doula. She walks with I walk with families as they navigate pregnancy, postpartum, & traditional parenting. During our conversation, we unpack the importance of connecting to ancestral land, the deep wisdom that children offer us and the power of living in community.

Raeanne's website: https://postpartumhealinglodge.com

Raeanne's FB: https://www.facebook.com/raeanne.l.madison

Raeanne's IG: https://www.instagram.com/postpartumhealinglodge/?hl=en

Raeanne's Mailchimp: https://mailchi.mp/cf9f845f9a01/postpartum