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Latine/Mexican—What's the Real Story about Mexican Immigration to the US? (Dr. Jerry Garcia, Ep 17)
Episode 1710th April 2023 • Healthcare for Humans • Kumara Raja Sundar
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In this episode of Healthcare for Humans, we talked to Dr. Garcia again and delve into the often-overlooked history of Mexican immigration in the United States and its connection to the labor market. From desperate times to discriminatory attitudes, we uncover the complex story of Mexican immigrants and their contributions to the country's workforce. We explore the structural causes that have shaped their history and highlight the need for accessible, safe, and responsive healthcare for all communities.

  • Explain the historical roots of Mexico, including its indigenous civilizations and colonization by Hernan Cortes, leading to its independence from Spain in 1821.
  • Discuss the impact of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, which resulted in Mexicans suddenly living in the US due to land becoming part of the US.
  • Review various programs and events encouraging Mexican immigration to the US from the 1840s to the 1960s, including the Bracero program and the Mexican Revolution.
  • Explore the portrayal of Mexicans in the media and politicization of immigration, highlighting the rich history and contributions of Mexicans to society, and the unique experiences of Mexican Americans and other Latino groups in the US.

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