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Is Your Mission Statement Your Passion Statement? – Bill Greeno [RR 755]
Episode 75521st June 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Was your mission statement created by yourself, or was it a collaborative effort from your employees? Is it listed on your website homepage? Do your customers know what it is? I’m with Bill Greeno at the 2022 Elite Invitational and he discusses how his team revamped its mission statement into a passion statement. Find out why affirmations were critical in starting the process.

Bill Greeno, Quality Automotive Servicing, Truckee, CA. Bill's previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Renamed, rebranded, and changed the mission statement  
  • Dropped “Smog” from the name to add “Servicing” as an actionable word. Customers thought it was just a smog shop. 
  • “A mission statement doesn't work if you don’t talk to your people” you need meetings to establish expectations, discuss desires and direction, etc
  • Meetings- setting expectations to arrive at a place to write the new mission statement together. Bill brought in another business coach to start. He explained the power of affirmations. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is and what could be. What do you want to be? Are you affirming what you want to be every day? Every Friday after the meeting, they broke into pairs and wrote affirmation for themselves, and shared it with their partner. Their partner repeated it and wrote it down. Then the team would write words that defined them as a company and on their own, write 6 different mission statements. Collaborated together to create 1 mission statement, which became their ‘passion statement.’   
  • “Whatcha know good?” Tell me the good news
  • “We go beyond the obvious to educate customers with full disclosure and transparency. So you, the advisor, and the technician can find the best solution to keep your vehicle reliable for years to come.” Listed on the front home page at the top
  • “Ideal Team Player” having the same values together 
  • Communication coordinator- handwritten thank you cards to every customer, receives public records when someone buys a house in the community and will send out a ‘welcome to town package.’ Handles email appointment requests, answers phone 25% of the time, does radio ads, internal communications, and marketing  
  • Advice- build your people

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