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Kellie De Pooter with G&W Electric Company
21st September 2022 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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On this week's Industrial Talk we're onsite at Distributech 22 and talking to Kellie De Pooter, Director, Global Marketing Communications with G&W Electric Company about "Delivering innovative power systems in an ever changing utility landscape". Get the answers to your "Power Systems" questions along with Kellie's unique insight on the “How” on this Industrial Talk interview!

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welcome to the industrial talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So good on your hardhat. Grab your work boots. And let's get


right once again, welcome to industrial talk the number one industrial related podcast in the universe. And Kellie that's backed up by data. So don't even begin to say, Scott, that's a bunch of baloney. It's it's data.


I don't trust your data.


Got it. It's all data analytics. And we are broadcasting live from the DistribuTECH. Dallas is the town DistribuTECH 22 great venue, incredible people solving problems, of course, and making our lives better. That's why we celebrate you on this ever-expanding industrial ecosystem of problem solvers. That's right. Kellie is in the hot seat. G&W Electric is the company. We're going to be talking about distribution automation. So let's get cracking. Because doesn't it? I like it. I like it a lot. You have a good conference?


It's been good. Yeah. Very, pretty cool. Yeah. Lots of see. Lots to learn.


It never stops. So we've been out wet for two to two years or so two years ish. Yes. And the innovation just keeps on going and going. And people change. And one of the things I've been asking a lot of people have been talking to so these people that you connected with virtually? Was it a unique experience? Hey, hey, hey, you look, I only know you virtually


Yes, actually to give a hug to a guy yesterday, because it was the first time I've seen him in two years. And we've had zoom calls, he's lives in Singapore, and he was here in person. I was so excited.


Just like the same thing. I saw some people walking by yelling out. All right, for the listeners out there, Kellie give us a little background on who you are, and why you're such an incredible professional.


So so I'm Kellie, and I'm the Director of Global Marketing Communications for GW electric. I've been with the company for five years this year, and focused on transforming our marketing function into driver of sales. So it's super exciting. We've made a lot of headway. And our organization manufactures power grid solutions. We've been around since 1905.


Yeah, no. Power, because you guys are right in the thick of it.


Yes. Yes. Which is exciting. It is lots of opportunity.


Yes. A lot of innovation, a lot of creativity, a lot of a lot of problem solving, because I just because if you've been around since, well, 1905 1905. So you're you've got that that pedigree and traditional grid management, right. And it's there's that legacy thinking that goes on. And now you have to as a company, pivot, do whatever is necessary for this brave new world out there. Absolutely. But you can do it because you guys are leaders. Yes. That's great. Yeah, you can use that. All right, let's talk about this, this distribution, automation.


I mean, it's really kind of the core focus of what distribute tech is about. So it's a great show for us to attend. One of the solutions that we offer, GW Electric is our laser automation program. So basically, it's a software program that we program into the relay that allows us to have control remotely with our reclosers that are installed on the on the poles and then also within the switchgear that can either be in the underground situation or on a pad mount. And then it allows you to find out where that fault is remotely, you can isolate it so that you can actually allow more people to keep their power on in certain situations and power from other areas and only isolate where that fault is.


So the reality is is that and correct me if I'm wrong. I'm gentle laid on out. So there's is an interruption on the line? Yes, people are out, you're able to identify where that that disruption occurred, open up the switches, do whatever need isolate it and then bring back the power on on the other feeders that are impacted. So you just narrow it down. Right there.


Yes. You don't have to send your linemen out to go drive miles to find out where that tree branch might be, or where that fault is, you can do that remotely through the software. And then the software works with the reclosers. And it opens and closes the line. And if you're lucky enough,


so that's it. It does it automatically. Yes. So you don't even have to the system says, yeah. So that brings back memories. I'm opening up switches outside, I'm on the pole opening up. Opening up the pole. It's like, you don't have to do that either. Like it's getting called out. Yeah, go to this pole. There's, excuse me, go to this poll. Open it up to this and you're going through all this rigmarole because you're not just opening up anything. It's got to be anything that is spectacular. Yes. I kinda like that.


It is exciting. It is definitely exciting. And so we gave a presentation on it today. And then last year, we were awarded two patents for a newer version of fuzzer. Are you familiar with lizard? No, why not? Do you want to know what it means? Like do its fault location, isolation and service restoration?


Another term that I gotta rub down a lizard.


It's a pretty common one. So yep. Stick that one. In your head.


Not not when you're an old guy like me. And you know, my world is just a little bit narrower than your world. That's lizard. I love that. See, that was always that's a lot of time. The old way of doing that. That's a lot of time patrol it figure it out. There's the problem. Okay, you can do that. Can you shut it down? And you're just going through all of this. But you have automated that. Right? So it's like, okay, this line is out. There's the fault. Open up these these switches, boom, isolated, and energize the other areas. Exactly. Yes. People like that. Yeah, I don't know that they like it. But they like it.


Well, definitely the end users like it. Yeah, but utilities are really like, Okay, I


got the utilities like and it because they're not getting the complaints. Yes. But I guarantee the standard Joe six pack me. Like, I don't know that. All I know is I just had a bit of an interruption of powers back on. Okay, I'm good. I'm good. It's it's pretty binary. Hey, what's got all I'm okay.


Yeah, I'm good. Everything's wrong.


It's so funny. That's so true. And I do. So here's here's the funny thing. And this is a this is a human side. So my dad was alive. And we we lived in Barstow, California middle of nowhere. And we get these wind storms. And he was in distribution. And, and windstorm would come and then you'd see the lights dim a little bit. Yes. So you get a little delay. And then my dad would just stop it. And then he listened again, then another and then another one, and then putting the phone would ring lock out whatever it is. Yeah, don't answer the phone. Exactly. I do the same thing. Still. I do I'll just sit there and go was that here's another one.


Oh my gosh, but when you see it go on and on and off and then it stays on that means you know that the equipment on That's


exactly right. I am a I'm a better person because of this conversation because exactly right. Yeah. And the interruptions. I think that's brilliant.


Yeah, and the best part of of what we have over at our booth right now is in February we launched the first ever in the world 69 kV, KV recloser that's on the pole top get shot or automation software program and allows you this functionality now at a substation level and it's and you don't have to build your you know, circuit breakers your substations and have a lot of maintenance with that equipment now you've got your medium voltage technology up on the pole at the 69 KV level.


You're blowing my mind on that one. Because you know once again, it's transmission that was like the transmission voltage and and no, you you almost went from CB to CB and you isolated that line and and because the the relays were set so quickly, you couldn't even see that they would lock out in a chat second, right? And it was like six cycles. He couldn't even see the mark. But you had to try to you had to patrol the line at church telling me that you'll say this span this band there it is right there.


Yes. At a sub transmission level.


What sub transmission voltammetry what is it?


Well, the equipment that we have is up to 72 KB.


Okay, good. We call that Sub Sub Sub transmission


and some liking Canada, they look at 44 KB and this particular product goes up to 72. At this point in time,


what does that look like on a poll? You


have to come see it. It's in our booth. You missed it.


Well, I was too busy just running by I'm in a salt mine right here. Yeah. Kellie, it's just is what it


It's probably as tall as you. One might one phases probably as tall as you really? Yeah.


Can you stick it on a tower? You have to stick it on some steel structure? Are you sticking? You're not sticking it on wood?


No, it's not. Now they're they're cement, full structure holes.


I gotta run over there. Yeah,


we installed, we installed our first ones out in the Northeast with a utility last fall.


Wow. That's cool. And I'm sorry for coughing just because I've been talking forever. And it is just tickled. And I'm not going to sit there and coughing my mic.


Too much that's making me giggle and


get all giddy about this whole conversation. It's like, oh, I can't believe it. No, this is insane. So


if you think about all the transmission lines that we have in the art, you know, antiquated system that we have now we have better ability to, you know, isolate that certain parts so that you can keep more more end users more distribution lines, running power.


You know, what's interesting? I don't think the end user, the customer realizes how brilliant that is. Because they don't it's just one of those things like they just don't they take it for granted. Yeah,


well, and it's new. So you know, the technology is not new, right? So our medium voltage recloser. It's based off of the same technology, same functionality. So it's not new, the technology is not new, but it is new at that level. And so you have a new customer base, you've got your transmission customers now that we get to educate and teach them and get them excited about it.


God, I'm telling you, man, I'm always I just I constantly think of the time when I'm out on a pole and opening that switch, right? I'm on it. And we were always concerned about the whip, right? You hit the whip, and then you start this, you pull it and then you just gotta pull it down fast. And you just hope it doesn't just are there are a couple of times that we just aren't. Oh my gosh, what do we do? Show me? Screaming grandma, and that doesn't happen. Yep. Helps


from a safety for safety. Big time. Yes. Yes. And less maintenance. Yes, everything. Yes.


This is a brave new world.


It's exciting. It


So tell me some new stuff that's coming down the pike that you guys.


Well, so the the Viper HV that we just talked about 69 KV recloser that we just launched, we acquired a company out of Italy in 2019 that manufactures high accuracy sensors. So we've got current and voltage sensors that are indoor and outdoor that can be integrated into your switchgear that will help you also from a visibility around what's happening within your current your voltage within the system and help you to make some adjustments so you can get smarter about how you're running your lines. And then probably more exciting. Or another exciting topic for us is that we're building our own micro grid on our corporate headquarters campus right now. And so


well, you got the tools you can do that. The gear


we do we have the gear, we obviously you need. You need to partner with some other corporations or other companies. You know, we've got solar, we have batteries that we've installed a flywheel that we've installed and you really


want to go there. Can I go there?


You absolutely can. We will be hopefully doing a nice media event to bring in a tour of our control center. That will be later this year.


What do you guys call home? Where's that microphone gonna be?


So it's in Bolingbrook, Illinois, just the south suburb of Chicago.


I was just up there. Okay, we're gonna make that happen. Yes, we have to make it happen. This was this was a great conversation. I am not disappointed whatsoever.


All right, me neither.


How do people get a hold here? Because this is just, I gotta run over there. Let's run over to your sponsor. Let's skip on over to check this stuff out. I know I'm going to be how did we get a hold here?


at our booth? 14. Oh, wait.


No, you, you. They want the human connection there. Kellie,


as in my email address.


I'll have it all out there. I'm gonna have your email address out there. I'm gonna have it out and I'm available.


Give me a call.


Oh, man, you got to connect with her. Because it's cool. Hey, we're getting our picture taken. Because that's how we roll. Alright listeners. Thank you very much for joining the industrial talk. Man. The future of utilities is bright public. I use bright sort of


light Well, pretty


smooth. All right. And we are broadcasting from DistribuTECH 22 Till and this is in Dallas. Texas a great venue great to have professionals, great innovators. Look at Kellie right here. She's amazing and G&W absolutely spot on. All right, we're gonna have all the contact information...