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RR 175: Brian Jesko – Shop owner doesn’t have customers, but friends for life.
6th December 2016 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Brian Jesko was a farm boy. He was born and raisedbrian-jesko-trinity-auto-haus in the panhandle of Texas on a farm and ranch operation. He always felt that the work was too hard and knew he wanted to find something easier to do. He was looking for work that had manageable hours.

Goals, Goals, Goals
In 1990 with an Associate’s degree from TSTC in Waco, he set up his roots as a technician. Brian always knew that he would one day be his own boss. He spent 20 years working toward that goal, which allowed him to walk in and be a successful shop owner, from day one.

Pulled the trigger.
Brian started in business in May of 2011 and he purchased the building in January of 2016.  He attributes his success to having a business coach. His coach, the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, in brian-jesko-trinity-auto-haus-2Brian’s words, “Pushes me forward to guide and hone his business to be the best that I can be”. He credits Cecil Bullard and B.J. Lee to support his transition from technician to business owner. Brian credits Cecil and BJ for showing how business is done and what to anticipate along the way. Brian is confident that this relationship will continue to pay dividends in the growth and profitability of his business.

Episode highlights:

  • He credits his success to hanging out with successful people. He joined the Rotoary when he was a tech.
  • The value of his accountability and business coach.
  • He’ll tell you about his training culture.
  • Where he is spending his marketing money.
  • His biggest strength.
  • Why he doesn’t have customers but ‘friends for life.

Business Coach: Valuable Tool.
Brian’s coach made sure he could transition to working on the business not in it. He now spends his time setting goals and next steps for the business.  Brian says, “At this point I am trading my hand tools for tools of the mind”.

Working on.
Brian knows that business is tough. Today there are so many things to know such as website design, SEO, where to advertise and where he will get the best ROI and traction. He understands that constant study and measurement of these items is important to keep the business doing as well as it has.

Brian understands that life is a series of hurdles along the way, but how we pick ourselves up and keep going is the true judge of our character.

Trinity Auto Haus Overview

Years in industry: 25
Years in business ownership: 5
Facility Size: 6900 SQFT
Number of technicians: 4
Other team members: 2 Service Advisors – Shuttle Driver – Office Support
Annual estimated volume: $1.4MM
Open: Mon-Fri
Business Coach: Institute for Automotive Business Excellence
Philanthropy: Rotarian

Trinity Auto Haus Website

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