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Falling Up Radio - Falling UP Radio EPISODE 63, 30th September 2019
Beate Chelette, Un-Apologetically You
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Beate Chelette, Un-Apologetically You

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Beate Chelette

Huffington Post Has Called “Beate Chelette one of the 50 MUST FOLLOW Women Entrepreneurs in 2017.” Once $135,000 in debt and a single mother, she successfully sold her business to a global entertainment media company owned by Bill Gates in a multi-million dollar deal. The #1 Bestselling author of "Happy Woman, Happy World" advocates balanced leadership principles to improve the bottom line and help women lead and manage whether it’s a small team or a corporation.

“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed alongside the big boys.”

Whether you are a man or a woman - watch, listen & take notes as Beate Chelette shares her incredible journey and wisdom on how you can take a leap into the life you always dreamed of.

Show Notes

3:48 The secret to showing up strong

5:17 When my ship came in, it wasn’t a little dingy, it was a luxury cruise liner

6:15 What are you doing today? Founding the Women’s Code

8:05 Structure Brings Freedom

10:47 Are you afraid of heights? Be a roofer or be on a glacier in Switzerland?

14:10 Getting in the photography business - editor at Elle Magazine and more

15:27 Selling stock photography business to Bill Gates

16:32 The ten year fall

20:01 Rebuilding the photo stock business

22:19 The moment when it’s done after $135,000 in debt

23:30 The SBA loan and becoming the world leader - The 13 year overnight success

25:17 Cracking The Women’s Code

29:08 The book "Happy Woman, Happy World” & the three paradoxes

33:31 Speaking on stage and teaching women & men to communicate & be empowered

36:01 Getting stuck in the tunnel and three ideas you can use

42:15 It’s going to be ok, though you have to do the work

47:05 Being un-apologetically you

51:32 Getting past the bullshit and fighting for what is yours

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Beate Chelette's Links

Website: https://beatechelette.com/

Website: https://thewomenscode.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrowthArchitecture/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/beatechelette

Linkdin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beatechelette