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Branch 251 - 75 Podcasts EPISODE 17, 4th September 2020
A Favor For A Friend
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A Favor For A Friend

Fritz and court reporter Hannah dissect the special testimony of leading Syrian opposition figure Riad Seif, the man who vouched for Anwar R. to get asylum in Germany. The country that is now prosecuting him for crimes against humanity. Also, two survivors of Branch 251 who are civil parties in the case testified, Wassim Mukdad and Hussein Ghrer. How did their testimonies go? And what can we say more generally about how our expectations from the beginning of the trial compare to our observations so far?

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Additional information on the topics discussed in the episode:

Hannah el-Hitami on twitter: @hannahel711

Hannah’s article on the testimony by Mr. Seif: https://www.justiceinfo.net/en/tribunals/national-tribunals/45215-the-man-who-brought-raslan-to-germany.html 

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