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Gift Biz Unwrapped - Sue Monhait 25th August 2021
Tips & Talk 25 – Let’s Rank Your Confidence Level
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Tips & Talk 25 – Let’s Rank Your Confidence Level

Confidence revealed through a torn paperCertainly this varies from day to day and in different situations, but having a solid level of confidence overall is necessary in order to be a successful business owner. Small handmade product businesses in particular need a leader who projects confidence. You are the focal point as the maker right beside your fabulous products. Pulling from a talk by Lisa Paden at the Gift Designer's Conference, let's talk about 5 Traits of Low Confidence and how to address these obstacles to get the results you're seeking. Here are the traits we'll address:
  • Doubting your abilities
  • Feeling ilsolated
  • Running from challenges or taking risks
  • No self grace
Upgrade your ranking in these areas and you'll see an impact on your sales and happiness!

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