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PTP.040: Ants on The Ball
1st June 2019 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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PTP.040: Ants on The Ball

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hello good people and welcome to the pathway to promise YouTube channel with me Dr Brad Miller We are here to help you overcome adversity to be a give you a word of hope and encouragement. And today's word of hope and encouragement is aunt on the ball and on the ball I like to play golf. Not very good at it. One of the things when you play golf is your good golfing stories. I heard this great golf and story about this golfer was having just a terrible terrible day. And he you know, he knocked all over the you know, all over the fairways and into the rough. And he went over to the roof one time and his ball landed right on top of this good size ant hill. And so he got his five iron out and he took a whack at it and he blasted million ants around. And but he didn't hit the ball, the ball didn't go anywhere. And you know, be killing ants and flying everywhere. So he looked sized it up and he took another whack at it. blasted the head Hill again, me and dance went flying, but the ball stayed right there. If you've ever played golf, you know what I mean by this feeling. And then he heard one acid and another. Okay, Charlie, if we ever got to get out of here alive, you and I got to get on the ball. And so it is friends. I think I gotta get on the ball and you got to get on the ball. To get things done in life. Now one of the things I'm doing is starting this YouTube channel, where I have a podcast called pathway to promise podcast, and a blog at pathway where we tell stories and interview people who are doctors and other leaders who have overcome some sort of adversity, like overcoming the loss of a family or dreaded disease or losing your job or depression or divorce, all these type of things that happened. And we're here to be helpful, here to be helpful. That's my encouragement and hope to you to give you practical tools that you can hang on to, but you got to get started. So I'm starting here today with this YouTube channel. It's Soto's with all of us, there's a time to think there's a time to plan. There's a time to kind of process at all but there's a time to get on the ball and to do it. There's a time to make a decision. You know, decision is when you move ahead, you cut yourself off from the past of the lingering thing and you are doing it. It's been said I've heard it said that knowing something doesn't make a difference. Knowing and doing something does make all the difference. So that's what I'm doing here with his YouTube channel, my podcast, because I want to be an influencer on lots of folks like you. And if you want to help me be an influencer, just you know, go ahead and you know, subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up. That's always helped, we'd appreciate that. But what's the decision that you're putting off? I bet there is one. I bet there is one regarding your family or about health situation or about your job or you know about finances about something. And if you've been procrastinating you know procrastinating qu about beginning a project, the only antidote to procrastination is action is action. So don't just have around to it attitude, have a get on with it attitude. And so when you put when you die or therefore your dreams can be realized, once you start to get after and go into really get on the ball. It's the only way to really live my friends. So I'm here to encourage you remember the pathway promise calm is as our website pathway to promise is the podcast. And we are here on the YouTube channel. pathway to promise YouTube channel to be encouragement to you to we'd love to hear from you with you comments below. Until next time, this is Dr Brad Miller encouraging you to keep your promises because there's power in a promise kept

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